About Me

My name is Dávid Szabó. I’m a 3D modeler and GIS specialist. I graduated at University of Debrecen – Faculty of Science in 2015, took my degree in the field of Geographic Information Science and Cartography.

After graduation I got a GIS specialist-CAD designer job at MindiGIS Ltd. I mainly worked with Microstation. In this software I have a lot of experience in point cloud based 3D modeling. I used to be involved in a lot of projects, where the goal was the realistic representation of reality in different ways (reverse engineering). So I drew many 3D vector maps, 2D facade drawings of buildings, and I made complete 3D models of buildings and facilities, with different details.

I got to know the 3D modeling at the end of my studies. At this time I realized that, there will be more and more possibilities in 3D modeling related to the modern cartography. I found modeling very interesting and exciting specialization and quickly noticed that, I was not just interested in 3D mapping for technical use cases, but I like to build random models for my own pleasure. First I made terrain models, but soon afterwards I also tried the art line. I started modeling spaceships and other stuffs from pictures. My first projects were made in Blender.

I also make 3D models in my free time. I try to develop my skills with these works as 3D artist.  I have experience in other softwares, such as 3Ds Max, Blender and Substance Painter.

Thank you for looking at my work,